About this website Clinton’96

This is an independent website that is in no way related to, connected to, or approved by, the Clinton family. I retired a few years ago from IT  teaching, and I have great admiration for Bill Clinton and all the things he has done, and still does, for our country.

For me, Bill Clinton is a fantastic person. I admired him as our president, and I still think he did great things during his presidency. But I also have to admit that I don’t any longer think so highly of this nation’s politics and politicians. Both the Senate and Congress are acting like a bunch of young kids that fight all the time. If anyone else would be acting like that on a normal job, they would get kicked out right away. I also dislike the way they continue to attack the president. Of course, nobody is perfect, but a lot of our politicians seem to forget that. Whatever bill Clinton will do, I really hope he stays showing up in public for a long time to come.

I would appreciate that, If you may have any suggestions or questions, you contact me by email. Please send it to admin@clinton96.org